Flanders Handle Bar Upgrade for the 
Royal Star Venture and Royal Star Tour Deluxe

You may ask why upgrade the handle bars? 
Ever go for a long ride and get that weird uncomfortable pain between your shoulder blades?
This is the answer to that issue. These bars are made by Flanders maker of the best handle bars on the market today.

They are a mirror image of the stock RSV handle bars except they have an additional 2 "inch pullback length that brings the grips ends closer to you. This relieves that pain between the shoulder blades in most cases. You will have to replace the throttle cables also.
The Stock clutch and brake lines can be used but will pull them a little tight.
Most opt for our Braided Stainless Steel brake line kit which is made to fit this upgrade.

This upgrade is not hard to do and can be completed in 1 day even with the brake line upgrade. 

If you like the stock grips and bar end weights we offer a bar end weight kit that will work with the Flanders bars so you can keep the stock grips with our bar end weights that look close to the stock bar ends. Only available from Buckeye Performance.

Please email us at info@buckeyeperformance.com for a list and prices for this upgrade.
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